safety-smSafety isn’t a word thrown around loosely at Bullet Industrial. It’s not just the one hour video at an orientation session, a new mandated mask, or meeting some minimum standard to go on site. Safety means you come home – alive and well. You get to walk your daughter down the aisle and take your grandson fishing one day. Real safety is about knowing the job, the materials at hand, and integrating careful measures each and every step of the way.

Founded by people who have done the work themselves, Bullet Industrial goes the distance for safety. Crews aren’t sent out on jobs with old or worn equipment. Open communication is practiced on and off site, encouraging safe practices and a culture of learning, trust, and rapport. Each and every person has the full authority to stop a job or report a problem if safety or environmental protocols are at risk. Ongoing training and risk management is coordinated both through safety councils, client programs, and within the company.

Bullet Industrial practices real safety every day – for us, our fellow workers on site, our clients, and the everyday people we encounter going to and from work.