High Pressure Water Applications

The Power of Water

serv.highpress-smHydroblasting, Hydrodemolition, and Hydro Excavation for industry, infrastructure, and oilfield applications.

When powering water with enough force to strip away stubborn liquids, solid waste, earth, and even concrete, this is no time to realize your contractor doesn’t have the same strength necessary to finish the job.


Waste buildup on industrial equipment often requires high pressure cleaning. Hydroblasting with water or other media can remove liquid and solid matter, leaving the site ready for renewed operation, inspection, or repair.


For concrete structures needing repair or remediation efforts, hydrodemolition can remove material without damaging the underlying rebar or remaining structure. Additionally, hydrodemolition provides for even exposure to a preset depth. This method is frequently utilized in conjunction with shotcrete applications.


Sometimes referred to as “Safe Digging”, hydroexcavation uses powered water for removing surface layer soil. Earth removal near sensitive underground assets, above ground structures, or infrastructure elements can be a difficult task. Using high pressure water, soil is removed without risks associated with traditional earth moving equipment.

Hydroexcavation is an ideal solution for exposing pipelines during maintenance or inspections. Water and soil material are vacuumed away, leaving the site clean and work ready. Hydro Trenching can quickly create access for new pipe.

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