Heavy Industry

For refineries, chemical plants, power utilities, steel mills, and other heavy industry sites, Bullet Industrial offers service and support during turnarounds, construction, shut downs, and routine maintenance operations. A contractor of choice for major service companies, Bullet Industrial provides additional expertise and manpower during large operations. Experienced and capable personnel deliver proven results – reducing project costs, meeting timelines, and ensuring quality operation. Bullet Industrial can also manage general labor operations when multiple contractors and personnel intensive projects arise.


  • Exchangers
  • Tanks and Towers
  • Boilers and related piping and feed systems
  • Reactors and reboilers
  • Process equipment and vessels
  • Line moleing
  • Automated and standard flex lancing
  • Turbines and Cyclones
  • Wet Grit Blast


  • Lines and piping
  • Towers and tanks
  • Concrete


  • Trenching
  • Foundation exposure
  • Pipeline or utility excavation
  • Disturbance sensitive or limited access applications


  • Concrete structures needing repair
  • Remove contaminated surface layers
  • Roadways and bridges

Chemical Cleaning:

  • Degassing
  • Boilers, piping, exchangers, condensers, and process lines
  • feed water systems

Vacuum Service:

  • Tanks, vessels, sumps, furnaces, sewer lines, or other plant facilities
  • Catalyst and coke removal
  • Liquid Vac and Air Mover equipment

Tank Cleaning:

  • Liquid or solids removal
  • Vacuum truck service
  • Vapor and emissions control
  • Chemical cleaning and neutralization
  • Hydroblasting

Sewer Service:

  • Waste cleaning and removal
  • Descaling

Waste Management and Transportation:

  • Waste removal and disposal
  • Waste material dewatering
  • Hazardous material management
  • Contaminated soil management

General Labor:

  • Clean up crews
  • Night watch
  • Hole watch